Nowadays, promotions and sales are attracting the customers like magnet; so, how come banks are left behind. Banks are introducing exciting and amazing promotional offers and deals to attract the customers as well as to associate with them for a long time. Although, personal loan is unsecured loan and the borrower would have to pay the high interest rate but for the convenience and affordability of the debtors, banks are launching different types of promotions to taper down the stress  of monthly installments as well as taking more loans for fulfilling their dreams and needs.

Personal loan promotion Singapore is offering the lowest rates interest along with the stunning deals in a consecutive months. These deals and promotions helps a lot the borrower for meeting the demands of the current situation like if anyone wants to give mortgage on time and he has not sufficient money to pay the mortgage on time then he can easily get benefit from these offers. Nevertheless, the promotions on the personal loans are proved to be the cherry on delicious cake.

Most Popular Personal Loan Promotions Singapore

All banks are executing various types of exclusive promotions. Some are announcing movie ticket along with the heavy cash on the personal loan application online whereas other is rendering the free shopping vouchers while applying for the loan. Besides these offers, low transfer rate is another most availed promotion by the debtors. They also offer on the credit card’s gift promotions, Christmas lucky draw promotions, dining privileges, golf programs, expensive smart phone on applying two credit cards, New Year promotions, online rewards etc. So, it totally depends upon the borrower’s choice of the package and type of the promotion as well as loan.

Packages Of The Personal Loans

The list of the packages is too long but some most important packages on the personal loan promotions Singapore are discussed below

  • Auto financing offers the flexible installment plan and fixed interest. On this package, the debtor can get the promotions and offers for a limited time.
  • Home referral programme is the package f recommendation in which the debtor can refer this package to his friend or family and awarded with the $500 shopping voucher.
  • Cash one personal loan can get the advantage to the borrowers up to 4* monthly salary along with many attractive gifts and shopping vouchers.
  • Cash plus personal loan gives rewards and extra cash at the same time. They also offer reasonable installments schemes.