Payday Loans

Unlike bank loans, applying for payday cash advances is very easy and fast. The leading cash advance institutions that offer this service have an online presence to ensure that you can take on the application process from the comfort of your home. Start your payday loans application today. Click here for more info

Personal Loans

The best thing about a personal loan is the fact that you can access it for whatever financial need you might have. If you would like to pay a debt, purchase an asset, establish a business or meet your daily needs, this loan is available. Another concern with many borrowers is the interest that will accrue in the event of repaying the loan. Click here for more info

Foreigner Loans

Foreigners who have urgent financial needs can now enjoy all the benefits of being able to apply for a loan that will give them the timely financial solution that they deserve. Getting a foreigner loan involves a simple process that is not restrictive or demanding. Individuals can take advantage of this process to get the best financial solutions available and have the financial freedom to cover their expenses. Click here for more info

Wedding Loans

Your wedding is definitely one of the most important events in your life. However, the cost to have a perfect and grand wedding is extremely high. To ensure that this life changing event is successful, you can actually get an affordable wedding loan in Singapore easily to fund this big day through our simple application process. Click here for more info

Renovation Loans

After getting the keys to your new house, the first thing you want to do is to renovate it. You might want to change the flooring, layout or repaint the entire house. For most Singaporeans, home renovation is the next big project. The cost of renovation is very high and this loan will definitely be able to lend you a hand in building your ideal home. Click here for more info

Plastic Surgery Loans

Over the years, plastic surgeries have become more common in Singapore. There are many different procedures available to enhance your looks but all of them come with a huge price tag. It is not wise to scrimp on the surgeries as they will have a huge impact on your life. Plastic surgery loans are here to assist you in your journey to attaining your ideal look. Click here for more info

Weight Loss Loans

A huge amount of funds is needed for weight loss surgeries in Singapore. If you have been thinking abut getting a weight loss surgery to better your health and figure but lack the funds to do so, you can apply one of the best weight loss loans with low interest rates and flexible repayment plans. Click here for more info

GrabTaxi Driver Loans

Driving a GrabTaxi means that you get to be your own boss and you get to plan your own work schedule. This is great for many people but they may face financial difficulties at the beginning or face emergencies along the way. Drivers can acquire this loan to help them during tough times and in their careers. Click here for more info

Hair Loss Loans

Hair loss happens naturally as one grows older. In some cases, it might even happen to those who are young as well. It can basically happen to anyone. That said, the cost of hair loss treatments do not come cheap. They can cost anywhere between $2,000 – $11,500, depending on the severity of the hair loss. During situations like this, Credit 21 can be a great source of financial help, helping you finance your hair loss procedures. Click here for more info

Short Term Loans

This loan is to help individuals who need some extra cash urgently. You could be facing an emergency but is unable to get a loan fast enough. In some cases, you might be facing trouble getting a loan as you have a poor credit score. This short term loan is here to help and we will assess your financial situation to customize a suitable loan package for you. Click here for more info

Business Loans

Expanding a business can be exciting when you do not have to think about how difficult it is to acquire a loan. Business loans definitely make a difference when one wants to start a new business offering or expand an existing one. People choose to acquire this business loan from different sources such as a bank, friends and co-workers and moneylenders. Click here for more info

Vacation Loans

Always been wanting to go for a holiday but lack the funds to do so? We all need a little break sometimes from our busy work but sometimes, we just need a little help with our finances. Vacation loans are here to help and our financial experts will help to tailor a personalized loan package just for you. Click here for more info

Luxury Goods Loans

Luxury goods are no longer a preserve for the crazy rich. Average Singaporeans are flocking to stores to get their hands on luxury goods too and it’s about much more than a matter of status. There are various factors driving the modern consumer to purchase luxury goods. Get in touch with Credit 21 loan officer now to know about their loan package details. Click here for more info

Dental Loans

Although we all know that oral health is important for your overall well-being, many Singaporeans often neglect dental care and are guilty of forgoing that dental visit or that much needed procedure because it is too expensive. Click here for more info

Jewellery Loans

The bottom line is that jewellery can be costly and therefore, it is important to have some good money if you intend to buy jewellery for yourself or for someone. If you do not have enough funds for the jewellery purchase, you may also consider taking a jewellery loan to bring the exquisite accessory home. Click here for more info

Urgent Loans

You never know when a financial crisis might happen to you. There could be unexpected expenses, urgent monetary needs, medical emergencies, bills and debt to pay. Banks and most financial lenders have a lot of loan application forms to fill in and they may take days to get back to you. Credit 21’s urgent loan is fast and easy-to-apply. This might just be what you need. Click here for more info

Furniture Loans

When it comes to purchasing furniture, Singaporeans only want the best designs and at the best prices. Luxurious sofas, stylish bookshelves and large closets. However, even with discounts and promotions, furniture costs can still be rather high. Most people are faced with the options of taking out store credit, taking a personal loan from a traditional bank or a furniture loan from a licensed moneylender. It is important that one thinks through these options carefully before going one way or the other. Click here for more info