When you or a loved one falls ill, it is always an unpleasant roller coaster ride. It is usually unexpected, uncertain and more relevantly expensive, especially when you are barely making ends meet.

The good thing about medical care is that it is illegal for the health care providers to deny you care even if you cannot pay. However, there is no way you will walk away with free medical care so you will need to find a way to pay. So what does a smart individual do? Negotiate.

Granted, it sounds awkward to negotiate your medical bills but there are less than direct means to do this.

Put That Credit Card Away

I know, the first reaction is to pay with your credit card. You see, your credit card provider will require you to pay interest along with your repayments but the medical bill will remain constant. So just explain your situation to the hospital administration and it is sure to give you time to get your finances together.

Pay Upfront

If you offer to pay a significant part of the medical bill immediately, you will be in a better position to negotiate with the administration on how to clear the rest of it. After all, hospitals need the money too.

Medifund Accredited Hospitals

This is also a last resort but one of your best options if your Medisave or Medishield along with your insurance cannot cover the entire medical bill.

Compare Prices

If the scheduled appointment could get expensive like requiring you to undergo surgery, find out what it will cost before checking yourself into the hospital. Make sure to explain your financial situation and try and see if the hospital can cut you a deal. Alternatively, check out other facilities offering the same treatment at a lower price; that will certainly save you some money.

Ask for a discount

In some cases, the saying ‘you have not because you ask not’ certainly applies. You will be surprised that some hospitals actually do have an allowance for discounts. This is even better at a general practitioner’s office where you may be a regular. You could get a discount as a personal favor.

So you see, medical bills can actually be negotiated if your understand how to go about it.

You are welcome 🙂