The thing about maintaining a credit score is that you cannot go to either extreme. Having no credit is a bad thing for your credit score as would be having too much credit (bad debts). You need to find a happy medium to maintain a good credit score.

If your score has already taken a beating and is lower than you need it to be, then there are a few things that you can do to redeem yourself before things get out of hand. If you know the reason for your poor credit score you can always address it specifically, otherwise you can do these simple things to get improve your score:

Pay your debts
There are certain debts that will just take you a long time to pay off, like your mortgage. However, others do not need to be dragging out for too long. If you have just been making minimum payments on your debts, start paying more towards clearing these debts. It will actually be better for you if you clear the debt before it is due.

Get more assets
If you have not already, buy a home or a car-now I know that this is more debt but it is a good kind of debt because it will give lenders more confidence as far as giving you a loan.

Get a steady job
A steady income is always good for your credit score so make sure you get one and if you already have one, maintain it. Lenders will trust you more with their money knowing that you will not delay or default the regular payments to your loan or credit card. In fact, the better your job, the better the loan rates especially for large loans like mortgage and car loans.

Pay your bills on time
If there is a place where delay is detrimental, it is paying bills. You will have a poor credit score and lose trust with the lending institution if your payments come in late. Since they share information with one another, it will damage your reputation among all these institutions. So please, make your payments on time or even better, make them before time.

Your credit score is what will earn your trust with lending institutions so that they can give you the money you need to finance your projects. So make sure you keep it as high as you can, alright?


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