Have you borrowed a mortgage from a bank or a licensed money lender in Singapore?

Do you know how much you have repaid and the balance remaining? You should know how to check housing loan balance to plan your finances accordingly.

One of the best tools to help you understand your home loan balance in Singapore is your mortgage statement of account.

It shows you how much you have paid back, as well as the charges, and the balance.

We will show you how to check your HDB statement of account, read and review your bank mortgage statement, and more in this article.

How To Check HDB Statement Of Account For Housing Loan

A HDB statement of account shows your HDB housing loan transactions for monthly installments and the outstanding balance.

If you want to view your current or previous year’s statement, you can find it on My HDBPage using your Singpass.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Using your Singpass, login to your Statement of Account Page in the MyHDB portal.
  2. After a successful login, you will be presented with your loan summary.
  3. Tap on ‘View Statement of Account’.
  4. Set the period for which you want to see your statement. You can set a maximum period of one year at a time.

You can make an online request for past years’ statements that are unavailable, but you will need to pay an administrative fee of $15 for each year’s statement.

The past statements you requested will be reflected within 15 working days.

You can pay the fee using an eNETS debit or credit card.

What It Entails

The loan summary page of your statement provides the basic information about your HDB outstanding loan balance.

This is the principal amount yet to be paid. It does not include the interest.

If you have an arrear, it will be reflected on the Outstanding Installment section, along with any late payment charges.

Apart from the balance, this page will provide an interest calculator. It will also provide a pre-paying option (Partial Capital Repayment) in case you want to settle your loan earlier.

Lastly, you can pay off your loan entirely via the Redemption of Housing Loan section or shift your payment between CPF and GIRO.

Besides this basic information from your HDB statement, you can open your detailed report to see the various charges you have incurred in a certain period.

For example, you can find:

Interest Charge

It is denoted as IP-2.60. The IP code stands for the interest, while the 2.60 represents the current interest rate (2.6%) for a HDB loan.

Your HDB interest rate is calculated as follows;

Your outstanding balance every month x 1/12 of the annual interest rate (about 0.22% every month).

Therefore, as your loan balance goes down monthly because of your monthly installments, your interest decreases too.

Monthly Installment Payment

Your monthly installments can be reflected under different codes depending on your payment method.

For example, they can be deducted from your CPF, and you can trace these transactions from your CPF balance statement.

Balance Brought Forward

This reflects as (Bal-BF) in your statement. It shows the outstanding balance at the beginning of the period during which you requested your statement.

HDB will charge interest on this amount throughout the year and deduct payments from your CPF for servicing the loan.

How To Check Outstanding Housing Loan Statement

If you want to check your HDB loan balance, the process will depend on whether you took a bank loan or a HDB loan.

Checking Your Outstanding HDB Loan

You can do this in two ways:


  1. Login to HDB’s official website using your Singpass.
  2. Go to My Flat and click on Purchased Flat.
  3. Tap on Financial Info to access your HDB loan balance.


You can visit a HDB branch. However, you need to book an appointment first through HDB’s e-Appointment system.

Checking Your Outstanding Bank Loan

When you borrow a HDB loan from a bank in Singapore, it is important to know how to check your housing loan balance.

The process is fairly straightforward because you only need to check with your bank. It is the bank that will provide you with a statement to show your outstanding balance.

How To Read Your Bank Mortgage Statement

Your bank mortgage statement should not differ too much from a HDB loan statement because both are mortgages.

So if you can check your HDB outstanding loan balance, you should be able to understand your bank mortgage statement because they are pretty similar.

However, the format may differ from one bank to another.

So how do you review your bank mortgage annual statement?

Reviewing Your Bank Mortgage Annual Statement

You can check your bank mortgage balance through:

Annual Paper Statement

If you didn’t opt out of this, you might receive an annual hard-copy statement detailing your bank mortgage at the end of a calendar year.

The statement contains the following information:

Total disbursement: This is the first thing you will see in the statement that shows your total outstanding balance.

It will be denoted as ‘total disbursement’, the loan principal for your mortgage. At the top of this section, you will see the balance at the beginning of the year and the addition of paid amount during the year.

Total interest charged: In this section, you will find the total interest amount you have paid throughout the year on your outstanding principal amount.

However, the details may vary from one bank to the other. For example, it may not show the rates charged or when the calculations were done.

Monthly installment: This refers to the amount you have repaid in the last 12 months.

Total capital repayments: If you managed to repay your mortgage in advance, this is the section that shows any pre-paid amount in total.

Others: Any other fee you have incurred in the previous year because of your mortgage will appear under this section. This can include late payments, or admin, prepayment, or conveyance fees.

Annual Online Mortgage Statement

In general, an online mortgage statement provides more details than a paper statement.

The online statement gives more detailed insights with regard to the breakdown of costs and calculations.

For example, you can know the interest charged at a particular time, unlike the paper statement.

If we compare it to the HDB statement, both are similar in that they provide your monthly installment repayments and the interest charged per month.

However, the interest rate for HDB loans remains constant (2.6%), while that of a bank varies depending on the market fluctuations and loan packages.

How This Helps

Why is it important to understand how to check housing loan balance? Here are some reasons.

It Helps You Find Out How Much You Pay And Owe Your Lender

With a bank mortgage statement, you can tell how much interest your lender charges you monthly. This can help you compare the rates from other lenders so you can make better financial decisions.

Besides, it allows you to find out your HDB outstanding loan so you can tell if your home loan is manageable.

You Can Anticipate Your Monthly Installments

What will your monthly installments look like in the future?

Since your loan statements have a monthly installment section, you can easily predict how much you are likely to pay back per month in the coming year.

This way, you can plan your finances accordingly to settle the debt as agreed with your lender.

You Can Find A Better Mortgage Deal

After reviewing the interest rates charged, how much you owe, and your monthly installments, do you think the interest rates are favourable?

If they aren’t, maybe it is time to refinance your mortgage and get a loan at a lower interest rate from another bank.

However, refinancing is not always a good idea after reviewing your mortgage statement. You have to consider a few things.

For example, if you are planning to sell your property within the next year, refinancing may not help.

Checking Your Housing Loan Balance Is Important

Now, you should know to check your housing loan balance in Singapore.

You can know your outstanding home loan balance by reviewing your HDB loan or bank mortgage statement. Both statements contain almost similar information.

With your mortgage loan statement, you can see the interest rate you are charged, the monthly installment, and your outstanding loan balance.

You can also find additional information, such as any late interest or prepayment fee incurred.

This information can help you plan how to settle your debt on time. Besides, you can make wiser financial decisions, such as refinancing, after several considerations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get My CPF Balance Statement?

Your CPF account helps you to save for your retirement. You can use this money to repay your housing loan.

To get your CPF statement, visit the CPF official website and login with your Singpass. You will get a history of your contributions and transactions.

When Is The Best Time To Refinance My Housing Loan?

After checking your HDB statement, you may want to refinance your mortgage to lower the interest rate.

The perfect time to do so is when your lock-in period has expired.

Also, if there is a significant difference between your current interest rates and available refinancing rates, you can take this step.