Everyone wants to make their own dream home in affordable cost. This dream has been fulfilled by many bank’s housing loan Singapore due to their exclusive and reasonable mortgage rates. Although, many banks charge heavy interest on the loans but they also offer wide range of promotions and deals. By getting the home loan facility, people can easily pay their mortgages and can decorate the home according to the choice; one can easily make their ideal home. However, some terms and conditions are applied on the loans either it is interest or the installments. So, housing loans are increased all over the world due to their marvelous customer oriented services.

Housing loan Singapore is the secured loan and it is usually used for raising the value of the property or lenders can take the ownership of the property and they can sell it.

How To Choose The Right Housing Loan?

By comparing the interest rates, installment schedules, calculation about the housing loan and total interest payable. Also check the fixed or variable home loan; variable loans are rating from month to month whereas in fixed loans, borrower can set the interest rate usually between one and three years. Fixed home loans are much better than the variable home loans because the debtor can lock the interest rate and can easily switch to the variable loans. According to the most Singaporeans, the variable home loan is good due to the flexibility and features in it.

Packages Of Home Loans

The most recommended packages are explained here for the provision of enough knowledge about it.

  • Mortgage broker service
  • Refinance home loan
  • Industrial home loan
  • Residential home loan
  • Commercial property loan
  • Share equity loan
  • AIP (approval in principle) for new home loan

About The Interest

The commonly used method to return the secured mortgage loan is to pay the regular installments. The interest totally depends upon the amount of loan and scheduled repayments. Borrowers should try to submit their installments as early as they can, it can also be beneficial for them by saving money and earning more cash on it.

Loan Application Procedure

Housing Loan Singapore will firstly approved by the bank. The bank will perform the loan eligibility check (AIP) that will provide the estimation about the eligibility of the loan. Debtor can also use Home loan calculator to check the suitable options. Furthermore, the bank will perform the credit assessment using the regular income and credit bureau Singapore check for accepting or rejecting the loan application.