Don’t wear black to a wedding, never wear bright coloured clothing to a funeral and do not give an odd amount of money when packing your red packets. These are probably some of the taboo things we’ll hear aunties and uncles say from time to time.

“No la, it’s probably just superstition. But to play safe, we follow.”

Similar to such superstitions, you’ll probably have come across something callled “feng shui wallet tips”.


What Is Feng Shui?


Feng shui is one of the five Chinese arts of metaphysics and it’s been around for over six millennia. This practice theorises that people, Earth, and the universe are connected through invisible forces. In the context of current discoveries about dark matter, this representation seems pretty accurate.

This model basically says that your surroundings influence your life. Thus, you might feel discouraged because it’s disempowering to be at the mercy of an implacable destiny.

But here’s the good news.

You can also take charge.

Assume an active role in the people-Earth-universe triad by changing your environment so that the universe will respond with similar energy.

So how can you convince the Universe to bring you more wealth?

Start with your wallet. That’s where you keep your money and credit cards, right? All you have to do is pick the right wallet colours and follow the feng shui tips below!

Here Are Some Feng Shui Wallet Tips To Start!


1. Feng Shui Colours/Elements Representation Chart

Colour Of Wallet What It Represents
BlackBlack is the best choice for your wallet because it stands for prosperity, wealth, and career opportunities.
Blue is the colour of the flowing water. Don’t choose blue for your wallet if you want your money to stay yours.
RedRed, the colour of fire, burns your money. Throw away your red wallet now!
BrownMuch like the Earth keeps the seeds warm during winter and makes them flourish, so will a brown wallet help you save more money.
PinkPink is another shade for fire. It represents romance and relationships, not money.
GreenGreen is the colour of growth and new energy. If you want more income opportunities, such as a new job or a new business idea, get a green wallet.
YellowYellow is the colour of transition between seasons, so a yellow wallet can both bring and take away your wealth.
The solution is to get a mustard yellow wallet if you want to save more. If you want to be luckier in your finances, opt for a pastel yellow purse.
PurplePurple is a strong, fiery colour that can weaken several feng shui areas, including Money and Career. So, don’t choose a purple wallet!


2. Choose The Best Shape

Shapes are a big part of feng shui, so you should choose the one that connects you to wealth. In feng shui, the shape that corresponds to the Wealth/ Money area is rectangular, meaning you need to get a rectangular wallet.

But not a tiny one.

Folded notes that cram your wallet suggest to the universe that there’s no spare room for other money in your wallet. This is why getting a long wallet will ensure that your notes are kept mint and straight!


3. Think Clutter-Free

Feng shui is all about decluttering your life to make room for the positive, creative energies that help you to thrive.

That’s exactly what you should do with your wallet.

Ever come across people’s wallets that are stuffed with used receipts and random junk? In feng shui terms, that’s a huge no no. The Universe will think you have no room and no need for wealth in your life. It also makes you seem incapable of managing your finances or resources.

Here’s the explanation:

Prosperity needs room to thrive. New income ideas and more savings don’t mix with old receipts and disregarded junk.


4. Give Your Wallet A Good Home

Cherish your wallet by storing it in a place that shows respect to the forces of wealth.

It’s like this: A good seed can’t grow in bad soil.

Neither can your wallet attract more luck, opportunities, and savings if you’re “planting” it in a messy bag or a cluttered corner of your home.


5. Treasure Your Wallet

Never place your wallet on the floor or in the toilet.

Or on the toilet floor, which is the worst place ever for your wealth. Not only your wealth but for hygeine reasons as well.

The message that the Universe gets is that prosperity is something you don’t need. It’s like saying you’re willing to mop away money like the dust that gathers on the floor.

Instead, store your wallet in the southeast corner of your home aka your wealth area.


6. Never Use Second-Hand Wallets

A new wallet has no energy so that it allows you to pour your own energy into it. Conversely, second-hand wallets have absorbed the previous owner’s energy and luck.

Here’s the good news:

You don’t have to purchase an expensive new wallet. It just has to be new.


7. Decorate Your Wallet With Lucky Symbols

Lucky symbols direct more luck energy into your wallet and, therefore, into your finances.

A well-known feng shui symbol for luck is a red ribbon with three coins. You can buy one from a thrift shop or make your own to send this message into the world:

“Put more money here, my wallet is a lucky treasure trove.”


8. Organise Your Wallet

Financial success entails learning more about financial management and organising those principles into an effective plan. The metaphor for this is having an organised wallet.

Otherwise, the Universe believes giving you more money is like casting pearls before swine.

Instead, keep your notes and cards organised neatly into compartments so that the Universe can trust you.


9. Don’t Cram All Your Credit Cards Into Your Wallet

Credit cards are a symbol of debt, which is a symbol of loss. No one wants to be associate with bad debt.

And do you know what attracts gains?

More gains. That’s why you should have more cash into your wallet than credit cards.


10. Ensure Your Wallet Is In Good Shape

Think like the Universe.

Where would you want to store your prosperous energy? Would you choose a nice, shiny treasure chest or a raggedy one?

Your wallet is your status symbol. If you want to attract wealth, make sure your wallet looks like a wealth symbol to the Universe.


11. Add Wealth Crystals

Feng shui postulates that a lot of crystals attract prosperity. Get a bunch of these gemstones and use them by rotation.

This acts as a way of telling the Universe that your wallet is a good place to grow your savings by using Malachite.

Or, you can use amethyst to say you’re dependable with your finances.

Conversely, citrine attracts a lot of new energy and tells the Universe you’re ready for more financial opportunities.


12. Decorate Your Wallet With Flowers

This one is more for the ladies, but, hey, it’s 2020 so everyone can embrace their inner femininity, right?

You can embellish your wallet with flower stickers or purchase a new flowery one. Blue, purple, and red flowers are said to attract a lot of wealth if you place them in your home’s money area, so why not try them on your wallet?


While most of us might brush off these feng shui wallet tips as pure superstition, the aforementioned tips are actually pretty simple and easy to follow. Of course, you do not have to take into account every tip. Just one or two will be good enough to start! If you are serious on fengshui, getting a feng shui master can be a good option to give you more information.