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Payday Loan in Singapore

Payday Loan in Singapore at Low Interest, Emergency Cash

Are payday loans for you?

Payday loans are increasingly becoming popular across Singapore. Unfortunately, most people have no idea what they are and who they are for. Fortunately for you, you have landed on this page which explains the payday cash advances phenomena in a very simplified language.

Who are these loans for?

Friends and family for some cash to solve an emergency financial situation that you have, you can simply apply for these loans and be sorted fast. Well, if you are in a tight financial spot and your pay day is way around the corner, then this service is for you. If you have an emergency financial need that has to be sorted fast, then this service is for you too. If you are employed and need some quick cash before month end, then this is what you need. To top it all, if you have some really bad credit history and need some cash advance, you will get sorted through this service too.

However, if you need a large amount of cash advance, way beyond your income amounts, then this service is not for you. Again, if you do not intend to repay the loan you get, this service is also not for you. If you are below 21 years of age, sorry this is also not for you.

Better your credit rating

Do you also know that you can use payday loans to better your credit ratings? Any time you apply for a payday cash advance, the credit rating authorities are notified. Once you repay it, a positive feedback is also sent to this authority. This way, your credit worthiness is increased substantially.

Getting a payday loan

Unlike bank loans, applying for payday cash advances is very easy and fast. The leading cash advance institutions that offer this service have an online presence to ensure that you can take on the application process from the comfort of your home.

Benefits of a Payday Loan
with Credit 21

Our foreigner loans stand out as we provide our borrowers with a wide range of unique benefits.

Better and Improved
Credit Scores

Loan Tenures

Ease of Application
and Approval

Increased Convenience

Frequently Asked Questions​

We have the answers for you.

What are payday loans?

Very simply put, these are cash advances that you get from payday lenders, without the need for security and collateral, to sort out your emergency cash crisis. In other words, instead of begging your friends for help, Credit 21 is here to provide legal financial assistance.

How do I get a payday loan?

To get this loan, simply fill out your details in the form provided, the loan officer will contact you within a day to set an appointment at your convenience. Once the is loan approved, you will sign the loan agreement with the moneylender, and the loan will be disbursed to you on the spot in the form of cash or cheque.

How easy is that? Start your payday loans application process now.

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Outcome of the loan with the maximum loan amount will be provided to you within an hour.

Fast Cash Disbursement

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Leon Yun

March 23, 2021

Thumbs up for loan officer Kent there, he explain very well and gave me very fast and good loan. highly recommend!

Susan Liu

March 23, 2021

This COVID situation really affected me and I urgently needed money. I must say that Credit 21 is really one of the best moneylenders wow! They explained all the terms very clearly and gave me my money very very quickly. They really helped me so much! God bless!

David Liu

March 23, 2021

The staff here is nice and helpful. They guide me on payment process. I like. It help me a lot. Thank

Olivia Chen

March 23, 2021

Credit 21’s customer service officer james was helpful and nice. He helped me with everything i was unsure about and went through everything in detail. Good service. (:

Oscar Wu

March 23, 2021

Special thanks to Mr Kent and Ms NAna of Credit 21 moneylender.As this was our first time taking loan, they guide and explain to me and my husband the details very promptly.their services rendered to us were great and professional.they very friendly and helpful.i highly recommend them. Kudos to the staff of credit 21.have a great week ahead! 👍👍👍

Dylan An

March 23, 2021

Was surprised by the good customer service of credit 21. Definitely a genuine and reliable moneylender. Look for them if you need loan.