Bolui ah! We all love vacations, we all love holidays, but the question of financing usually puts a frown on our faces.

Many Singaporeans have been wanting to take a break as the workplace becomes more stressful due to the piling pressure for more inputs and results. However, with the cost of living going up every day, your savings might not be enough to finance a trip to your dream destinations. You need to ensure that you have enough for the flight, accommodation and food and still have enough funds for emergencies. It also doesn’t help that inflation is making daily life in Singapore a greater struggle than it already is.


So, you might be wondering, “I want to go for a vacation. What are the ways to finance my travel?”

Rather than spending all of your savings on your trip, there is now the option of a tailored vacation loan that will cater for all expenses including transportation, accommodation, food, sightseeing and much more. Before you frown upon the thought of loans and click away, pause and think about your savings and expenses. Do you really want to spend all of your savings on a holiday? Will you have emergency funds left?

The objective of taking a vacation loan is to help you finance your travel if you have bad credit. These loans are more affordable compared to credit card loans. With a reliable source of financing, you can travel around comfortably and to the places that you have always wanted. We all need a quick getaway once in a while to relax and recharge!


If you don’t already have a vacation destination, why not check out the top 7 most visited places by Singaporeans? 


1. Phuket


This is a world renowned tourist destination that is considered among the best beach getaway destinations. The place is full of beaches and nature trails for you to hike! Whether you are looking for a family vacation idea or a romantic getaway, Phuket has it all for you including clear waters, delicious food, outdoor activities, pristine vegetation and much more. Don’t forget to try their famous local Tom Yam Goong before you leave!


2. Kuala Lumpur

A visit to Malaysia is never complete without spending time in Kuala Lumpur. The sophisticated city has some incredible sights including the globally renowned Petronas Twin Towers. There are shopping opportunities in large malls such as KLCC and Pavilion. Families will enjoy the parks, world class dining, aquariums, wildlife parks and much more.


3. Bali

Bali is the ultimate vacation destination where you will enjoy as many beach activities as you can take. This is a perfect getaway for a family or friends. There are water sports such as diving, snorkeling, surfing, and of course diving schools. Most of the temples at Bali are beautiful and very well-maintained. The local cuisines are also exquisite and you can learn how to cook at the farms.


4. Bangkok

This is the top destination for Singaporeans and for many good reasons. With cheap food and clothes, Bangkok is a shoppers paradise! Take a Tuktuk around Bangkok, shop at the famous Chatuchak or visit Wat Pho to see the famous Reclining Buddha. The weather, the food, the people and sceneries are perfect. Other additions such as the Siam Ocean World add to the glamour and fun you enjoy.


5. Hong Kong


If you are a fashion buff, Hong Kong is where you should be. With a vacation loan, you can splurge and pamper yourself and family with designer labels and enjoy all of their exquisite dim sums! The city combines the old oriental life with sleek contemporary living.


6. Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the best places to visit if you want to get away from the busy city life or enjoy lots of delicious street food. You can visit the their most popular destinations such as Ho Chi Minh City or Ha Long Bay or one of the quieter but amazing location, Da nang. It is a must to explore the museums and natural attractions in Vietnam.


7. Taiwan

Taiwan is known for their good food, numerous night markets and bubble tea! One can expect to stuff their faces with cheap and delicious food! Finding your way around Taiwan is also easy because most of the Taiwanese are very helpful and polite. You can also rent and ride a Xiao Mian Yang (scooter) to explore Taiwan!


Bonus Vacation Spot: Maldives

Maldives is definitely one of the most beautiful places to visit. Be it clear seawaters, coral reefs, blue lagoons, Maldives has it all. It has the best beaches and seas in the world for snorkeling, diving and so many more water activities. If you are not up for sport activities, simply laze on their beautiful beaches to chill and relax.

Stop worrying about your finances and take a trip to the place that you have always wanted to visit. You deserve a break for all the hard work you have done. Call us for a Singapore vacation loan and savor a visit to one of these or any other vacation destinations today!