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Are you Foreign Domestic Helpers or Maids? Apply an Easy Approval Cash Loan 2019

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Are you Foreign Domestic Helpers or Maids? Apply an Easy Approval Cash Loan 2019

Over the years, Singapore has become one of the top destinations for foreign workers. The high standards of living, quality of education, economic stability and higher pay attracts a diverse range of foreigners into the country. The largest group in this category consists of Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW).

Are you a foreign domestic helper or maid? Working as a foreign domestic helper or maid here in Singapore like yourself, even though you might be earning a better salary as compared, there are times where you will need the extra cash, such as sending the money back due to emergency situations back in your home town. This is where Credit 21 steps in, one of the top licensed money lender offering one of the lowest interest rate loans to foreign domestic workers like yourself. Apply an easy approval cash loan with us today by clicking here.


Solving Financial Emergencies using a Foreign Domestic Helpers / Maids Loan, or just to Boost your Finances

While the country offers the perfect working environment for foreign domestic helpers, there is a catch. Singapore is infamously recognized as the most expensive cities in the world, which can make life very tricky for a foreigner. In case of an emergency, you might not have family or friends to turn to and this worsens your situation. This is where foreign domestic helpers or maids loans come in handy.

These financial products are designed with foreign domestic workers in mind. They are flexible and customizable and easy to apply, which makes them perfect for sorting financial emergencies. Whether you have a cash shortfall before the next payday or you urgently need to send money back home, all you need is proof of income and a valid FDW work permit.

Get in touch today if you are a foreign domestic worker and you have a financial emergency. We provide quick loan processing and cash disbursement to you upon loan approval.


What Opportunities are there for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) in Singapore?

Singapore had 240,000 foreign domestic workers by mid-2016 according to a report by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). If you are among the foreign domestic workers in the country, you appreciate the availability of opportunities that come with a work permit in this category. Singapore is also among the top destinations for domestic workers from Malaysia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Macau, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan, Myanmar and Thailand.

One of the major attractions to Singapore for most foreigners is of course the higher pay compared to their countries of origin. A qualified teacher in the Philippines earns around S$380 a month but a foreign domestic worker gets a minimum of $550 per month. This is without doubt a factor that keeps bringing more workers into the country.

The favorable employment laws that employers have to adhere to are also suitable and they cannot be compared to those in many other Asian countries. If you are working as an FDW in the country, these are among many other benefits that you enjoy. Whether you are saving money to go back to college in your country or just to support your children back home, Singapore is one of the best places to make money.

With a foreign domestic worker / maid loan in Singapore you will be able to tide through any crisis that you are having, and also the budget to pay for all these impromptu events.

You are not alone. Credit 21 is always here to help you.


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