On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you?

Increasing work commitments and time spent on work all contribute to poor work-life balance. In 2016, a survey conducted by The Families For Life Council found that long working hours play a huge factor in keeping families apart

In order not to succumb to the increasing pressures of daily life, below is a guide on how to improve one’s well-being and productivity, which will in turn result in better overall mental and physical health.

Why Change Is Good For Everyone

As they say, change is the only constant. Life will throw you many curve balls during different points of your life and it is important to embrace the little changes and let things flow as they are.

However, there are often times when we get too caught up with our increasing commitments that we forget to pause, and take stock of our life.

That’s the only to rediscover the fun that life’s supposed to be – and start living.

Tips To Enhance Productivity And Well-being

It doesn’t matter where one is going to start. The thing is to take action:

  • Exercising

If you have a gym membership, hitting the gym acts as a great way to sweat it out and reduce stress. However, fret not if you don’t. A simple 30 minute walk or run around your neighborhood is also a form of exercise that can shed the extra calories, reduce stress, improve brain cognition and our overall physical and mental well-being.

Luckily, you do not have to start with the complex aerobics. Hopping onto one of those ofo bikes is also another form of exercise. Taking it easy at first keeps one motivated and in shape to take up more challenging exercises.

  • Eating Healthily

When we make the effort to consistently eat healthily, it will show in our increased productivity levels. The way to sheer up the body and keep the doctor at bay is by going for vegetables, healthy fats, fruits, and a balanced diet.

Rich eating habits improve one’s mood, control weight, and give the energy necessary to tackle daily assignments.

  • Picking Up A Hobby

Hobbies are a great way for one to unwind. They are pleasurable, get you excited, help you unwind form a long day at work and gets you going.

They bring a bucketful of benefits making them worth the time that you commit to them.

Cycling, yoga, swimming, gardening, or golfing helps break a boring routine, freshens up the brain, improves one’s mood.

  • Allocating Some Me/Personal Time

In an era where social media dominates, finding personal ‘me time’ can prove to be a challenge.

Personal time can be spent alone or with friends and family. Most importantly, it should help you to take your mind off work or school and allow you to just unwind and enjoy yourself.

For instance, the mind will reboot, there is better concentration, and it’s a chance to rediscover one’s principles.

  • Sleeping More

Sleep is crucial to one’s productivity:

It allows the body to repair itself and the brain to merge one’s memories and digest information. Start to prioritize sleep in life, create consistent sleep patterns, and effectively control sleep-related disorders.

These and a good sleeping environment could have a huge impact on an individual’s overall well being.

Where To Start

Change is not something that happens overnight and requires one to step out of his/her comfort zone. It is not easy and it has never been. It is therefore important for you to approach the lifestyle change tactfully to enhance the chances of succeeding.

  1. Changing The Mind-set

Ask questions: ‘Why make these diet, workout, and lifestyle changes?’

Finding your true purpose: physical health, fitness or socializing goals for one’s own success — helps you to stay motivated for the journey ahead.

It certainly sparks to life the inner strength needed to sustain recommended habits for the long haul.

  1. Stop Caring What Others Think

In a digitally driven and connected world where comparison is just a few clicks away, it is important not to lose track of one’s sight and goals. Focus on what makes you happy, not others.

  1. Stay Focused

Some of the activities such as 30 minutes of physical activity daily and eating healthily are demanding and you won’t reap the seeds you sow if the commitment isn’t there. Thus, one’s hard work and overall focus may have a major effect on the well-being.

This is where focus comes into play as it helps push you out of bed even when the going gets tough.

  1. Be Optimistic

Optimism is an important part of success.

Unfortunately, some starters hold pessimistic viewpoints which may tempt them to give up at the slightest sign of trouble. It is also a challenge to convince someone who follows the glass-half-empty principle that there’s light ahead.

If you look closely, every day is filled with positivity and offers you something new to look forward to.

  1. Reward yourself

There’s no harm in rewarding oneself after a job done right. After all, if you don’t love yourself, who else will? It’s the little surprises and pleasures of life that get us through each day.

Rewarding yourself can come in the form of the simplest things such as giving yourself a 10 minutes break, or just listening to your favourite music. There’s no excuse not to shower yourself with some love from time to time!

Stages Of Lifestyle Change

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It manifests itself slowly and with time:

  • Stage 1: Contemplation

During this stage, you are thinking of changing certain aspects of your life and are becoming motivated to act. Leaping from thinking to taking action is not very easy and may require some time.

Therefore, it might be worthy to look at the benefits associated to the change they’re interested in more than anything else. This could then bring about the emotions resulting in swift action.

  • Stage 2: Preparation

By now, you have already made up your mind and are very ready to push ahead. You is now making plan on how to translate the thoughts into action.

  • Stage 3: Action

Here, you have already taken steps towards the achievement of your goal.

You are now sleeping more, taking healthier meals, and exercising frequently.

Perhaps some me-time might even be at the top of your mind during the weekends. In other words, the envisaged change is happening.

  • Stage 4: Maintenance

The challenge now is to sustain the new routine: You have now become used to the changes – by being in it for at least 6 months and are now seeking to make this part of your routine.


One’s productivity and well-being come hand in hand together. By taking action to improve your well-being, you might be able to turn the situation around, rediscover the sweeter part of your life and in turn, increase productivity. Taking up a hobby, daily physical activities, and creating some quality ‘me-time’ are just some of the lifestyle changes that help.

You only have one life to live. So go forth, and live your best life.